The Author

An innovator and educator, Dr. Eddie Kornegay is a pioneering thought leader in the area of framing the connections between faith, technology, and innovation. FaithTechConnect was birthed out of the need to curate dialogue about the importance of technological awareness for the church and people of faith.

Advocating the need for the church and people of faith be a part of the conversation around tech inclusion, FaithTechConnect’s efforts offer the expertise needed to navigate the conversation of faith needed to build a bridge developing the church as a “primary pillar” and connecting to the (3) pillars of the tech ecosystem (academic, corporate, entrepreneurship). This is important for linking tech to community in an organic way thereby helping it to “grow and thrive” across a broadened spectrum of potential for technology.

Dr. Kornegay works with low and non-technical organizations to help them develop tech programs. He is available for speaking engagements and consultation.  Please get in touch for details.


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