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God has always used the technology of the generations to advance His Kingdom. Whether it was the staff of Moses, the sling of David, the boat, and net of Peter, God has always worked through technology to manifest His purpose in the world. Technology has become so much of our daily lives that it is our daily lives. Most of us are “logged in” and a part of a vine/thread, trend, blog or post that directly ties us to the conversations on issues of the world and do so without considering technology itself as a sign for the Kingdom of God. As such, we allow technology to abuse us to the extent that we remain subject to it. Even the concept of the “E-Church” has yet to catch on to the need to preach and to teach about today’s technology as a tool for God’s plan.

In this book, Dr. EL Kornegay lays out the Revelation of Technology for the end time church. He usurps all logical conventions, overrides intellectual assertions, challenges religion and reason to share with you what God has put in his heart about technology.

Penned in revelation and founded in biblical truth, @nd Every Eye Shall See Him takes the revelation of John and applies it to our current day. A cunning and witty use of today’s technological schemes employed by the enemy to deliver a powerful message of Kingdom Authority. 2 Chor. 10:3-5 reads ….The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds…. As Dr. Eddie L Kornegay Jr, rightly points out, the Technology of the Cross is at our disposal as the war is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities and powers.

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Advocating the need for the church and people of faith be a part of the conversation around tech inclusion, FaithTechConnect’s efforts offer the expertise needed to navigate the conversation of faith needed to build a bridge developing the church as a “primary pillar” and connecting to the (3) pillars of the tech ecosystem (academic, corporate, entrepreneurship). This is important for linking tech to community in an organic way thereby helping it to “grow and thrive” across a broadened spectrum of potential for technology. Check out our services and/or get in touch.
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